Using your Server

Using your Server

Your server has the account cato-user which is configured with the SSH key you provided when registering the server. You should be able to login to this user using that SSH key.

Any questions about the server or any other requests can be sent to

What you should do when first accessing your server(s):

  1. SSH into each server to confirm access — you have root access via sudo -s.
  2. Patch the server with latest security updates — ongoing maintenance patches are your responsibility.
  3. Review additional topics, which explain how your server is configured (linked below). Notably, review the KB on Network Configuration.

Cato will make its best effort to keep the server available to customers and is not responsible for any data or values loss. Please see the Cato Digital Terms, Policies, Notices, and Agreements for full details.


By accessing any system at Cato, you agree that your usage is monitored, and that your usage adheres to the Customer Agreement.

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