Our Partners

Cato has created innovative designs and forged critical industry partnerships to revolutionize the way power is consumed in the data center.

To accelerate market adoption, Cato continues to expand a robust partner ecosystem, which includes CE+T Energy Solutions, Natron Energy, ITRenew, and EDJX.

See it in action

CBRE Data Center Solutions (DCS) delivers fully converged real estate, facilities and technology solutions for data center owners, occupiers and investors across the globe. As a dedicated business line within CBRE, DCS is committed to solving complex challenges within every stage of the data center lifecycle. Whether you are looking to develop, build, buy, sell, or manage and modernize one data center or an entire portfolio—DCS can help your priorities succeed with certainty.

CE+T Energy Solutions has a long history of providing innovative power solutions for backup and energy management. CE+T has evolved its broad and successful Sierra product line with software-defined power capabilities for the North American data center market. With secure support for policy-driven energy injection and switching intelligence, CE+T is working with Cato to revolutionize efficient use of power infrastructure in the data center.

Natron Energy is an advanced battery technology company providing high power, long life, and low cost energy solutions for critical power and industrial applications. Natron Energy’s batteries use patented prussian-blue-based chemistry to provide the right characteristics for rapid discharge and recharge needed for software-defined power management in the data center. These batteries integrate seamlessly with hardware offerings from other Cato partners and with Cato software, enabling a comprehensive turn-key solution.