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Cato’s bare metal storage servers offer a cost-effective solution for storing, accessing, and reliably managing data. They are excellent for storing training corpus for machine learning applications, acting as file and media servers, or providing edge caching for content delivery networks. With high-capacity storage options and a range of read and write speeds, these storage servers can efficiently handle large amounts of data and ensure that it is readily available when needed. They allow you to scale from terabytes to petabytes as your needs evolve.

sm1.144 sm1.288
Processor: 1 x Intel Xeon D-1581 1 x Intel Xeon D-1581
Processor Speed: 1.8-2.4Ghz 1.8-2.4Ghz
Monthly †: $1,499 $2,999
Hourly ‡: $3.412 $6.829
SLA: 99.5% 99.5%
vCores: 32 32
Memory: 32GB 32GB
Local Storage: 1 x 512GB SSD 1 x 512GB SSD
Attached Storage: 18 x 8TB HDD 36 x 8TB HDD
Network: 10Gbps 10Gbps
Data Transfer Included: 5TiB 5TiB
Network Overage: $0.10/GiB $0.10/GiB
Subject to availiability; subject to change; † shown with annual prepayment; ‡ calculated as a 30 day month.
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