Why use Cato Flex Metal?

heading icon Why use Cato Flex Metal?

With Flex Metal, you align with modern hybrid cloud architecture while utilizing low-carbon resources and keeping your costs low.

To help you achieve the best possible price, our App Servers are deployed with an expectation of ephemeral use, where individual failures are handled by spreading services across multiple instances, if not multiple pods, for redundancy.

You can easily spin up and tear down instances as needed through our API, allowing you to scale your applications on demand without needing dedicated infrastructure.

This aligns with the dynamic nature of modern, scalable architecture, where workloads are distributed across multiple environments.

By Flex Metal instances, you can take full advantage of the agility and scalability of the cloud while reducing costs and improving efficiency.


Circular Economy

Most of the embodied carbon impact from our systems is already offset before they are even deployed! We also deploy our patented power orchestration software to use wasted power capacity at data centers, further improving the circular equation.

Cato software orchestrates the use of excess data center power to maximize server utilization enabling low cost, low carbon compute. It is built on the same ADI (Autonomous Digital Infrastructure) platform as our M9 for Colo product that allows colo providers to create new flexible SLA product offerings for their tenants.

The Zen of
Low Carbon

At Cato Digital, we are fully committed to building the world’s most sustainable bare metal platform by leveraging second life hardware, stranded data center power capacity and clean energy. We are tackling scope-3 emissions as our contribution to the iMasons Climate Accord .
icon Leverage Second Life Hardware
Leverage Second Life Hardware
icon Access Stranded Data Center Power
Access Stranded Data Center Power
icon Use Renewable Energy Sources
Use Renewable Energy Sources

Our digital future

There are 7 million data centers globally, with 105 gigawatts of built capacity consuming 594 Terawatt hours of energy annually, or 2.4% of the global energy draw .

Over 30 gigawatts of data center power capacity worldwide remains unused—this is not economically or ecologically sustainable. Our premise for the future of digital infrastructure is simple: Use what we have before we build more.

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