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Building the most sustainable bare metal cloud with low-cost, low-carbon compute in all the right places.

We founded Cato Digital to maximize the utilization of the capacity we build in digital infrastructure by leveraging software-defined principles. Simply put, we want to help everybody fully utilize their investment.

2022 was a year of industry alignment and unification. In the first half of the year, Cato CEO, Dean Nelson, published an article to define the digital infrastructure industry and establish a baseline from which we could all work. There are 7 million data centers globally with 105 gigawatts of built capacity consuming 594 Terawatt hours of energy every year. This equates to 2.4% of the global energy draw.

Over 30 gigawatts of data center power capacity worldwide remains unused— this is not economically or ecologically sustainable.


Digital infrastructure is the foundation for an equitable and inclusive world, where every person on the planet participates in the digital economy. But our digital future won’t be better unless it’s also sustainable.

Cato Digital is on a mission to build the most sustainable bare metal cloud in the world. We are doing that by offering low cost, low carbon compute in all the right places. We believe in a circular world where waste streams become supply chains, unused capacity is unlocked for use and compute systems are powered by clean energy.

The premise is simple:
Use what we have before we build more.
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