Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Am I billed if the server fails and goes offline?

When a server is offline due to hardware faults, the time it is offline is not counted as billable time until the replacement server is brought online, and your server registration is preserved from the original registration period (for the purpose of duration discounts).

BIOS/Firmware/BMC Access and Updates?

For our Autonomous Intelligence to properly manage all servers, we retain control of the BIOS and Firmware, and access is restricted from individual tenants. Tenant needs, such as to the server console, are provided through the Cato Metal Console.

For the highest security possible, each Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) is isolated per server on an internal private LAN, which can only be accessed by the Cato Metal controller and allows for no outbound access. That is, each BMC controller is on a discrete/private LAN from the others.

From within the operating system of a host, you may have access to change settings within the BMC or BIOS. However, this is prohibited in your terms and conditions. Changing BMC or BIOS settings will cause your server to be taken offline until the settings are reconciled.

Can I add storage, GPUs, FPGAs, or other expansion cards?

We have standardized our server configurations to bring you the best price possible. This means that, unfortunately, the hardware configuration is not changeable. The servers are as-is as-available and are not alterable.

Depending on the size of your request, we might be able to create a new product to meet your needs—contact a Sales Representative for more details.

Carbon accounting? Green?

At Cato Digital, we believe a green internet is essential. We work with numerous partners and distributors to ensure our servers are upcycled, carbon-accounted, and as environmentally friendly as possible. This involves saving functional hardware from the landfill, refurbishing as necessary, and reusing those systems.

As we grow, we plan to incorporate as much renewable energy into our operations as possible to achieve carbon-neutral compute.

How do I manage my instances? Can I get the server console?

Using the Cato Metal Console you can start, stop, and configure things like server ports and networks, as well as accessing the server’s console.

What options are there for Backups and Data Recovery?

For your protection and security, there are no secondary systems maintaining data backups of your servers, and no data assurance This means if there is a failure of the hardware, the data may be lost. You are responsible for data backups on your systems.

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