Regions, Areas, Zones and Pods

Regions, Areas, Zones and Pods

Our systems are organized into Regions, which have Areas (such as us-west, area 1, which is us-west-1). Within each Area we have Facilities, which is where pricing is set. Each facility is split into Zones which have Pods.

Each Pod is a cluster of interconnected systems, and within the Pod you can recognize the full speed of your network connections as you interconnect with other servers in that Pod using a private network.

When provisioning a server you can select servers to the Pod level.

Pods are analogous to Availability Zones, but are focused on integration of networking, rather than availability.

To achieve the highest level of availability, we recommend you create instances across Pods, if not Facilities, as part of a cluster.

Because pricing may vary between zones, Server Registrations are not transferable across a Facility.

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