We help data centers optimize efficiency, uptime and cost.

We believe that digital infrastructure is the foundation for an equitable and inclusive world, where every person on the planet participates in the digital economy.

But our digital future won’t be better unless it’s also sustainable. The iMasons’ Industry Sustainability Vision, “Every Click Improves the Future”, is a powerful motivator for us.

We aspire to create a future where digital infrastructure is able to run itself. Cato technology will make that autonomy possible, which in turn will deliver two major efficiency benefits. Firstly, because existing infrastructure will be used to maximum capacity, the need to build new data centers will be reduced. Secondly, any new data centers will be more highly optimized from day one.

By helping our customers safely maximize the use of their power infrastructure, we slow the deployment of additional resources, lowering the carbon emitted for every click. Cato is focused on unlocking the stranded power capacity in data centers across the globe.

Our Values

We ensure our values shine through in every decision we make, every employee we hire, every customer interaction and every solution we design. We exemplify:


Our innovations make our customers more efficient and contribute to carbon reduction.


Openness displays integrity, builds trust, and leads to a healthy culture, rewarding experience, and superior product.


We subscribe to the curiosity quotient. We want our team members to explore, learn, and find clever and inventive opportunities to apply to our customers, products and each other.


No matter how large we get, we will follow startup spirit solving complex issues with speed.


What we build must earn and maintain the confidence of our customers.