Cato Bare Metal for Retail

Cato’s Bare Metal for Retail solution offers on-demand, ready-to-use servers for individuals and enterprises that need one server at a time. Rent by the month, week, day, or hour. Billing doesn’t start until the server is operational and you gain access to it.

Beat cloud costs and support the environment with second life servers that take advantage of wasted power in the data center and are powered by clean energy. And get them close to your location with minimal latency.

Use cases include but are not limited to

  • Universities can leverage this for their research projects and courses - researchers, instructors and students can rent low-cost servers for the duration of their projects.

  • Small merchants can run business applications on dedicated servers at a fraction of equivalent cloud cost.

  • Block chain operators can take advantage of the power of our low-cost servers to make their operation more efficient and economical

  • Large companies can empower their R&D teams to use dedicated servers as needed without making a large upfront commitment or investment

Why use Cato Bare Metal

As the central nervous system of the global economy, digital Infrastructure consumes 2.4% of all energy on the planet. With continuous growth of our economy, the need for compute capacity continues to compound.

Compute capacity in digital infrastructure is the largest expense, and it is also experiencing significant lead times for delivery. To top it off, it represents the largest embodied footprint.

Cato Bare Metal is built on servers from the circular economy. They are not directly affected by supply-chain challenges and the majority of the embodied carbon impact has already been offset. Cato deploys its patented power orchestration software to use wasted power capacity at data centers to power these servers.

Cato software orchestrates the use of excess data center power to maximize server utilization enabling low cost, carbon free compute. It is built on the same ADI (Autonomous Digital Infrastructure) platform as our M9 for Colo product that allows colo providers to create new flexible SLA product offerings for their tenants.


Bare Metal for Retail is now available in Santa Clara, CA with our partner Cyxtera and Lagos, Nigeria with our partner Kasi Data Centers. More locations are coming soon.

Ready to use single servers with OS and network connectivity

  • 1 hour minimum rental

  • 2-9 SLA upgradable to 5-9 SLA

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Join the Movement

Cato is a proud member of the Infrastructure Masons Climate Accord. Our mission is to help customers significantly lower their costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

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