Maximizing Value of the Distributed Edge

In the recent InterGlobix Data Gravity 5 th edition issue, our CEO, Dean Nelson, talks about digital infrastructure – past and present, the significance of edge deployments, and the recent partnership with EDJX and ITRenew. EDJX is a pioneer in distributed edge computing technology and ITRenew is the global leader in Circular Cloud and sustainable data center infrastructure.

EDJX is building a sustainable edge, a software-enabled planet-scale platform that combines the EDJX serverless platform with integrated rack-scale server solutions by ITRenew, equipped with Cato’ ICE Switches, enabling software-defined power that will run in any data center.

In the article, Dean notes, “From my perspective, the combination of Cato, EDJX and ITRenew creates a competitive advantage, unlike anything we have seen before. Software developers and CDN users around the world will be able to leverage a cost- optimized, low-carbon, highly efficient platform alternative to cloud. With a 50% price/performance advantage, a 70% reduction of embedded carbon and the ability to tap into the 40% of stranded capacity to power these deployments, the EDJX platform is destined to be one of the most sustainable deployments in the digital infrastructure industry.”

We hope you’ll find this article insightful on how innovators are making significant contributions to sustainability, intelligent power utilization, and efficiencies as we travel on this digital infrastructure journey together. Click here to read the entire article. For more information on how we help our customers safely maximize the use of their power infrastructure by unlocking stranded power capacity, visit: