Cato and CE+T Energy Solutions Expand Software-Defined Power Ecosystem with Products for Renewable Energy, Telco & 5G/Edge Applications

Debut of Power Fusion Satellite Raises the Bar as Industry’s Most SDP-Compatible Appliance

MILPITAS, Calif.Sept. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Cato Digital, creator of Software Defined Power® (SDP), today announced the introduction of Power Fusion Satellite.

Delivering on a promise made when Cato and CE+T Energy Solutions announced their partnership in May 2018, the offering represents the industry’s first SDP-compatible device to incorporate local storage and intelligent power flow control into a single, controllable in-rack unit.

“Power Fusion Satellite is proof positive of our strong partnership with CE+T Energy Solutions,” said Steve Houck, CEO of Cato Digital. “Together we are helping re-architect the datacenter of the future. This collaboration is just the start of delivering products that will enable a plethora of practical use cases, such as extending peak shaving, while further expanding the ecosystem of SDP-compatible hardware products.”

Powered by Cato’s SDP software, Power Fusion Satellite can perform advanced policy-driven peak shaving, which lets datacenters recover capacity lost to unused buffers. This includes long-duration peaks by utilizing renewable energy sources with a 380-volt DC input directly to the rack. The product’s intelligent switching capability works with Cato’s Dynamic Power optimization algorithms to leverage redundant infrastructure to create additional datacenter capacity and improve applications’ uptime. Additional benefits include no single point of failure, lower operating costs, higher rack density, smaller footprints and less maintenance – all available in a scalable, pay-as-you-go model.

“Datacenters now can leverage renewable energy source power loads while Cato’s ICE software intelligently manages the source,” said Mario Barbaresso, president and CEO of CE+T Energy Solutions. “As a result of our partnership, datacenters gain improved accounting for variabilities in availability while being able to intelligently augment power with utility and battery options. In addition to further enhancing the role of SDP in datacenters, we are delivering the first appliance suitable for use in telco and edge applications.”

Power Fusion Satellite provides customers with an innovative and patent-proven method for selecting a power source within the datacenter – an integrated way of choosing power sources and power loads without the need for any switching. The offering also frees up valuable space, allowing datacenter owners and operators to install additional server racks, which makes possible generating up to 50% more revenue for the same real estate cost.

The appliance also enables meeting the aggressive needs of 5G implementations for edge datacenters, providing a modular configuration to accommodate different requirements that when combined with SDP-enabled gear can help manage and optimize power demand and utilization.

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