Cato Teams with Artesyn to Advance Smart Power Provisioning in Data Centers with Software Defined Power Integration

Cato’ Intelligent Control of Energy (ICE) Platform Enables Artesyn’s
Embedded Power Products to Create Capacity On Demand </figcaption></figure>

Milpitas,Calif. – February 26, 2019 – Cato Digital, creator of Software Defined Power®, is collaborating with Artesyn Embedded Technologies, Inc. toaccelerate smart power provisioning and dynamic IT workload orchestration indata center environments. The integration of Cato’ Intelligent Control of Energy(ICE) platform into Artesyn’s family of power conversion systems will producedramatic improvements in energy utilization and distributed power management.

“We’re looking forward to adding Artesyn to our growing ecosystem oftechnology innovators,” said Steve Houck, CEO of Cato Digital. “EmbeddingSoftware Defined Power into Artesyn’s energy storage systems would enable powerto be allocated where and when it’s needed through a layer of softwareintelligence and virtualization. This will drive the delivery of unique powerdistribution systems that will bring a new level of power awareness to datacenters.”

Cato’ SDP platform also incorporates artificial intelligence toprovide granular visibility and real-time energy reallocation based on capacitydemands. Artesyn’s SDP-enabled power solutions will be able to identify,aggregate and pool sources of stranded power, resulting in capacity beingredistributed to any rack, node, workload or circuit on demand. The integrationof SDP with leading power systems enables data center operators to dramaticallyreduce data center capital and operational expenses while improving energyutilization for data centers of any size and scale.

“The Software Defined Poweradvantage is clear and compelling,” said Brian Korn, Senior Director, DataCenter Solutions, Artesyn. “Leveraging Artesyn’s managed power and batterybackup solutions with Cato will enable delivery of  the final pillar in an overarching SoftwareDefined Data Center strategy. The result will boost workload reliability wellbeyond what can be accomplished currently with just storage, memory andcompute.”

Artesyn customers also will benefit from specific ICE functionality,including peak shaving, phase balancing, dynamic power for improved rackdensity and workload orchestration with VMware.

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 About Cato Digital Cato Digital is transforming how next-generation datacenter and cloud providers provision, manage and utilize power capacity with its ground-breaking Software Defined Power® and Intelligent Control of Energy® (ICE) technology platform. Cato eliminates the need to over-provision power as ICE dynamically adjusts power delivery as demand fluctuates across data-center workloads, servers and racks. ICE enables data center and cloud providers to generate significant additional revenue within existing power and IT footprints while avoiding millions of dollars in capital expenditures and operating expenses. Additionally, Cato empowers enterprise customers to reduce power infrastructure wait times and costs. To accelerate market adoption, Cato is developing a robust partner ecosystem, which includes Artesyn, CUI, HP Enterprise, Intel, Lenovo, and Schneider Electric.

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