Cato Announces Industry-First Integration of Software Defined Power with VMware vCenter Platform

Cato's Intelligent Control of Energy (ICE) Platform Automatically Migrates IT Workloads for Seamless Data Center Power Optimization

MILPITAS, Calif.Sept. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – Cato Digital, creator of Software Defined Power® (SDP), today announced the successful integration of its Intelligent Control of Energy® (ICE) platform with VMware vCenter Server to automate IT workload migration based on power optimization and availability.

With VMware vCenter integration, Cato can accelerate power provisioning in real time to support the rapid deployment of important IT workloads. Because power and cooling typically costs more than the IT equipment it supports, application deployment often can be delayed, resulting in lost revenue. The ability to automatically reallocate power, as needed, not only improves time to revenue and cash flow, it drives rapid return on invested capital while yielding increased competitive advantage.

“Cato continues to make major strides in enabling effective consumption of additional capacity by intelligent orchestration of workloads to match power availability across the data center,” said Karimulla Shaikh, CTO of Cato Digital. “Faced with any power constraint, ICE’s smart algorithms and pioneering VMware integration will automatically migrate workloads to other locations, ensuring seamless operation and optimized energy utilization.”

Cato’s groundbreaking SDP platform already automatically identifies, aggregates and pools all sources of stranded power within a data center and routes energy on-demand to racks, nodes, workloads or circuits in real time. Using machine learning and predictive analytics, ICE reallocates power according to capacity and availability demands while reducing the cost of data center capital and operational expenses by up to 50 percent.

Integration with VMware vCenter is scheduled for delivery with the next version of Cato’s ICE platform, slated for general availability in October.

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About Cato Digital

Cato Digital is transforming how next-generation data center and cloud providers provision, manage and utilize power capacity with its ground-breaking Software-Defined Power® and Intelligent Control of Energy® (ICE) technology platform. Cato eliminates the need to over-provision power as ICE dynamically adjusts power delivery as demand fluctuates across data-center workloads, servers and racks. ICE enables data center and cloud providers to generate significant additional revenue within existing power and IT footprints while avoiding millions of dollars in capital expenditures and operating expenses. Additionally, Cato empowers enterprise customers to reduce power infrastructure wait times and costs. To accelerate market adoption, Cato is developing a robust partner ecosystem, which includes Artesyn Technologies, HP Enterprise, Intel, Lenovo, Schneider Electric and Vertiv.

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