Cato helps digital infrastructure providers maximize uptime, use power more efficiently, and achieve a more profitable bottom line.

Colocation Data Centers

Our Power Orchestration Platform (POP) unlocks stranded capacity in your colocation data center and allows you to make that capacity available to your customers. You’ll not only uphold your existing service level agreements (SLAs) you’ll be in a position to create a suite of new offerings. Open up new opportunities with customers who require more nines (or less) in their contracts. There is no need to accept low customer utilization, which leads to expensive infrastructure expansion. POP optimizes your power infrastructure and significantly improves your bottom line across revenue and customer satisfaction metrics.

Dynamic Power Management

M9 Software helps you achieve maximum capacity, recovery and revenue potential. Create more power capacity and offer multiple service level products that drive higher margin.


Edge is the future. Compute is needed closer to where the data is generated to serve emerging low latency application demand.

Deploying at the edge usually comes with a higher price tag, however. Most sites have limited capacity available and can be hit by costly peak demand charges from the utilities. Stranded power and peaky workloads can negatively impact the ROI for edge providers.

By deploying M9 Software Suite, you can maintain higher utilization of that valuable power capacity, flatten the power draw from the utility and avoid peak demand charges, and ensure uptime SLA commitments are met.