Colo Tenants

Now you can have cloud-like flexibility on prem with Right-Sized Capacity and Power Bursting.

Right-Sized SLA's with Burst Capacity

Colocation tenants have one shared desire. They want the ability to set up a contract that works with their actual demand. Right-sizing is invaluable to data center customers. However, with the variability in computer load combined with the ability to load-balance and shift data and power requirements within the data center without any disruption to their SLAs is challenging. M9 software enables cloud-like flexibility on-prem. This provides tenants with right-sized contracts with the ability to burst capacity when needed. Tenants can now manage on-prem data center capacity in the same way they cloud manage cloud capacity. This saves substantial investment and encourages data centers to better utilize the power allocated, offsetting carbon footprints and wasted energy usage, while securing what they need contractually.